About us

For as long as I can remember, I was constantly collecting something. Postage stamps first, toy soldiers, old German porcelain clowns, records, cigar tapes later... I kept buying and selling these cute things, replenishing my collections, exchanging with friends and other collectors. When I went to other countries, the first thing I would do was going to an antique shop or a flea market. Finally, now that I am fifty, my hobby has become my work.
We live in the very heart of beautiful Slovenia and invite you to visit our online shop. I thank God that my wife Katja fully supports me – I would not be able to do this without her advice, help and approval. She has good taste, and I am good at handwork - a perfect combination for our family business.
We travel a lot around Slovenia and neighbor countries in search of truly unique, interesting, charming antiques. We buy and restore them, bringing back to life. We firmly believe that every object that we find in attics or cellars of old houses, like a grain of gold, has its own history and its own right to a long and happy life in your home. Visit our website and maybe you will find something interesting and unusual for your home. Remember - things, like people, have the right to a long and happy life!
Denis & Katya