About us

Welcome to The Old Attic – your gateway to timeless elegance and vintage charm. Based in Slovenia, we specialize in offering exquisite vintage furniture, captivating lights, and charming decor. Our passion is Italian design from the 20th century and mesmerizing Murano glass lights, but our collection is diverse and always captivating
Discover a curated range that spans mid-century modern to intricate Art Deco, each piece telling its own story. Our Italian design pieces embody timeless sophistication. Handcrafted Murano glass lights not only illuminate spaces, but also the artistry passed down through generations.
Beyond our specialties, The Old Attic offers a diverse array of vintage finds, from statement furniture to charming decor. Our commitment to quality and authenticity sets us apart as passionate vintage enthusiasts.
Explore The Old Attic and find that perfect piece of history to adorn your space and life.
Let's celebrate the magic of vintage together!